Free rides Eric's competition boats!

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  • Demo rides on Eric Malone's World Championship Freestyle Personal Watercraft
  • Demo rides on Eric Malone's other Competition boats
  • Day 1: training and free ride
  • Day 2: training, WFWA Jump Show, psychology overview, free riding, fun day...
Eric Malone Personalized Instructions
  • WFWA T-shirts
  • Eric Malone T-shirts
  • Eric Malone's RAMPT DVD
  • Lunch provided both days
  • Personalized instruction is the theme of this event and other pro riders are often on site to help out with clinic for the weekend!
  • Equipment: all riders must bring there own equipment.
Freestyle Concepts and Solutions

If you're looking to have fun and learn serious freestyle from the guy who does it first and best then spend the weekend with us!

Note: the above is a typical event. Each unique event subject to change.