Frequently Asked Questions Rev. 11/2011

EME Performance Personal Watercraft

1. How do I get price and availability on a complete EME PWC?

Please fill out the EME Price and Availability Questionnaire Click here

2. Where are the technical specifications for EME PWC?

When available, this information is included on the web page dedicated to the product line. 800-1000 CC as an example.

3. What do people have to say about EME PWC?

  • Have a look at our "Testimonials" page. Click here
  • Also, take a look at our NEW Wall Of Rider Achievement!. Click Here.

4. How do I get information on EME PWC financing?

EME is a full service dealership and does its best to get you finance and out on the water ASAP! Please fill out EME Price and Availability Questionnaire. Click here

EME Per formance PWC, Hulls And Engines

1. How many variations of PWC, Hull and Engine does EME offer?

EME PWC includes a complete list of EME PWC, Hull and Engine variations. Generally, and when possible, hull and engines are interchangeable. Click Here.


1. Where are the video and pictures on this site?

Images and video can be found by event. Click here

Eric Malone - Freestyle Clinics

1. When is the next Eric Malone or WFWA Freestyle Clinics?

  • The best way to stay informed on Eric Malone Freestyle Clinics as they become available is to subscribe to the EME Newsletter. Click Here.
  • For details on Eric Malone Freestyle Clinics. Click here.