Riding your ski @ body beach has made it hard to get back on mine!

Jeremy L. Parr

I just recently bought a custom ski from Wamilton. I have bought all the Eric Malone DVDs. I love this sport (and) just got back into it because it took a while to save up for this. Now I'm ready and eager to learn as much as i can. I LOVE THIS SPORT!

Danny Hunnewell

Michal Janowski from Poland made a special trip to Lake Havasu for 2006 World Finals- to compete and take part this 25th annual event! A trip like this means creating your own World Finals memorabilia!

Michal Janowski

thank you to letting me try your ski! This ski is incredible! This boat is made for freestyle and not adapted to it. The quality and finish are like an Italian sport car... Made by hand with a high tech. factory finish! 'Bravo' to Eric and Mark -- now all I need is more time on the water to be able to use all of it, or just part of it....

Philip @ Jet Connection

Eric's most recent trip to Russia introduced him to this happy guy who took home his brand new EME 800!!

From Russia

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